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WasteNoTime: Chrome Time Management Utility With Website Blocking & Usage Tracking

If you’re looking for a Chrome extension that can assist you in managing the time that you spend while surfing the internet, look no further than WasteNoTime. It’s designed to help you track the total time you spend on most frequently visited websites, like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google +, etc. In addition, it also lets you restrict users from accessing the specified web sites. This feature may prove to be handy for those who want to prevent their children from accessing websites that contain explicit content.

Moreover, it allows you to apply website visit time limit, so that you and/or other users can only access the specified websites for a defined amount of time. The Instant Lockdown feature is provided to not only remove the time restrictions (if applied), but also to instantly block access to all specified websites. Perhaps the most useful feature is Time Tracker, which tracks the amount of time you spend on websites, and generates a graph containing the ten most frequently visited websites.

After installing the extension, click the button in the toolbar to access Block Sites,Time Tracker,Instant Lockdown and Settings options. This pop-up also allows you to view the current and remaining time for blocked websites.


Whenever you visit a blocked website, the following block page will be displayed.

Default Block Page

WasteNoTime is easy-to-use, and you can quickly add distracting websites to your block lists. You can then click the added URLs to customize the time limit for each link.

blocked sites

The Time Allowed category lets you set Define Work Hours and Time Allowed Per Day options for blocked websites. Additionally, you can enable these settings for individual days, depending on your preferences. The next category, Advanced Settings allows you to change the time for Idle detection.


The Time Tracker generates a graph for top ten websites that you’ve spent time on. The y-axis displays website URL’s, whereas the x-axis shows you the Time Spent in minutes. You can also view the graph for a Day, Week or Month.


WasteNoTime can be particularly useful for those who find themselves easily distracted, and want to control the way they spend their time surfing the internet. You can install the extension from the link below.

Install WasteNoTime For Google Chrome

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