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1-2-3 Blood Pressure: Track BP Readings & Analyze Them Graphically

It is generally useful to monitor health conditions in cases where the body is susceptible to problems, may it be diseases or some internal imbalance. Blood pressure problems are known to occur, especially in old age or due to excessive stress, to name a few causes. Between frequent checkups with the doctor, patients tend to note down blood pressure values on paper to act as a reference document for a better insight to the body conditions. Moreover, trends can be analyzed in order to deduce any suspected irregularities. Keeping the importance of data logging, organization and analysis in view, 1-2-3 Blood Pressure is a useful utility to create an impact on your health monitoring capabilities. With the flexibility to store unlimited data values coupled with relevant notes over time, chart analysis and user interface adjustments for ease of access, this blood pressure monitoring software is a major step in reclaiming your health for the better.

Before installation, it should be noted that this application comes in two versions: the full version requiring payment for advanced features and the freeware download available only from third-party sources. After installation, 1-2-3 Blood Pressure software prompts you for an activation key which is emailed to you as soon as you specify some personal details.

123 BP Registration

The main workspace consists of a ribbon providing basic editing tools like New (to enter data entries), Edit (to modify a specific entry) and Delete (to remove an unnecessary detail). Clicking the Program Settings at the top right corner of the window allows you to modify the user interface by switching between several attractive themes as per your requirements. In addition, the Data table tab lets you view specific details over time in a tabular format with emphasis on systolic, diastolic and pulse pressure to give you a better estimate of your blood pressure conditions. The main window allows you to add notes and gives you the value keys to let you easily interpret the readings. The full version allows a colored view which automatically highlights values of concern for your attention.

1-2-3 Blood pressure Main

You can add data for multiple persons by clicking the New button specifying the date time and blood pressure values. The option to add Notes gives meaning to your observations for better recalling and reviewing later in time.

Create edit blood pressure values

The Analysis tab graphically illustrates the overall trend of the readings with respect to the normal blood pressure values and color codes the abnormal values for each person. You can also set periods for a closer insight into a specific duration for your analysis.

1-2-3 Blood pressure Analysis

We tested the free version of 1-2-3 Blood Pressure on Windows 7, 64-bit edition. It supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download 1-2-3 Blood Pressure

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