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A Ruler For Windows Assists In Reading & Act As Pixel Measuring Ruler

A Ruler For Windows is a virtual pixel ruler for Windows OS. It also serves as a reading guide. You can choose from plastic see-through, stainless steel, rich wood grain and yellow ruler. You can also launch multiples rulers simultaneously to help you in measuring the dimensions of images.

It can be resized to a specific length to help you with your work. The ticks on the ruler can be shifted to point towards any side. To measure the size of an image, just place the ruler beside it and click on the tick where the image ends. It will instantly display the length in pixels. You can choose from any of the magnification modes while capturing the length. In this way, you can calculate the length with greater precision.


The ruler also serves as a reading guide. When you convert it to a reading guide, the ticks will vanish and you will be able to place the ruler on any reading text, such as ebook or Word document, for reading assistance.


It is a useful application, suitable for individuals who need to measure lengths (in Pixels). It is equally helpful as a reading guide to help you with reading text on the computer.

It supports all versions of Windows OS, including Windows 7; testing was carried out on Windows 7, x86 system.

Download A Ruler For Windows

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