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Aciqra Is A Virtual Planetarium For Students & Fans Of Astronomy

Ever gazed at the sky and wondered why and where stars lie? Ever wanted to get to know of the night sky personally? If you’re an aspiring astronomer, the accurate sky mapping must be an integral part of your analysis. Aciqra is a simple yet powerful desktop utility that displays millions of stars for your calculations, mapping and deductions. You can easily zoom in or out depending on the body of interest. The application has over 2.5 million stars in its database and other celestial bodies such as planets, deep sky objects and the like; coupled with tools like angle indicator, night vision, atmospheric refraction correction to accurately interpret the layout of our universe.

When a layman looks to the sky, the first question that may strike the inquisitive mind is the identity of the subject being gazed at. Surely, researching names of the stars is a tedious activity, as you may need to consider the location, angle, and several other factors accurately for identification. There are various phenomena in space that may tend to blur our operation. For example, atmospheric refraction has been found to distort the distance between celestial objects for our vision.

aciqra main

Aciqra ensures ease of access by allowing navigation based on user-specified complexity level. If you feel that the view is too cluttered, you can use the view-related buttons present in the right sidebar. In the screenshot below, you can notice that I have disabled all buttons except Ground to better analyze the planets surrounding the Sun. To see stars in this scenario, just select the relevant button and hover mouse pointer over any specific area to analyze.

aciqra stars

Similarly, if you want to view a better picture of the celestial bodies in space, keep all three relevant buttons enabled to see the ground, stars, and constellations together.

aciqra constellations

It’s worth noting that whenever you select a celestial object, it shows you the situation-specific options in right corner of the window. A console window keeps running in the background, utilizing OpenGL for better graphics. To get information on a specific object, check that the information button is selected on the bottom left corner of the window. After ensuring this, click on the subject object to see detailed information on the top left corner. All basic information is already displayed at the top part of the window including time, location and elevation details.

Aciqra search and get info

Rather than taking snapshots at critical areas of your research, Aciqra provides you with a simple button on the bottom left corner for saving images of the current navigation layout. In conclusion, we found this software useful for all those fascinated by the sky and space. We tested this application on Windows 7, 64-bit edition. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Linux OS.

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