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Add Lyrics To iTunes Music Library Using iTunes Lyrics Adder

Looking for way to add lyrics to iTunes Music Library but don’t want the fuss of having to manually add them from Get Info –> Lyrics tab? iOS devices, including iPod, iPhone, iPad can automatically detect lyrics added from iTunes Lyrics tab present in Get Info window which is accessible via right-click context menu, but adding lyrics this way is surely a tiresome process as it requires you to first find lyrics from online lyrics repositories and then add them manually to each track in your playlist. iTunes Lyrics Adder is a miniscule yet powerful application that automates the process of adding lyrics to songs listed in iTunes Music library.

Before you launch the iTunes Lyrics Adder, it’s recommended to verify your tag information of your songs present in iTunes library. Since iTunes Lyrics Adder reads tags to fetch lyrics from online sources – azlyrics.com and mp3lyrics.org, make sure that all songs contain correct meta tag information. You can add and edit tag information from Info tab present in iTunes Get Info window or use previously covered MusicBrainz Picard Tagger to automatically add/fix music tags.

Launch iTunes Lyrics Adder after launching iTunes, select a source, and click Search and Add Lyrics. The application will find all songs that lacks lyrics and add one from the online database (of the source you have selected).

lyrics adder

Once the process is finished, a log file will show songs for which it couldn’t find lyrics.

lyrics add

Before you start sync process with your iOS device, open Lyrics tab to check whether lyrics have been added to tracks or not.

lyrics added

iTunes Lyrics Adder certainly provides one of the easiest solution for adding lyrics to iTunes Music library. It is an open source application that works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Download iTunes Lyrics Adder


  1. This is fake. It simply is programmed to complete a ‘progress bar’, does nothing, then opens some random text file already typed out with song names (that aren’t in my library)

  2. It worked… but didn’t at the same time. Mine reached 100% and opened up the log. But the log says that it was trying to find lyrics for a BUNCH of Korean songs that were no where near related to ANY of the songs in my library or computer. So… what the heck? Where did it get those songs from? It says it’s processing 542 songs but I only have 394 songs in my library! Does any one know what’s going on?

  3. Doesn’t work for me.
    It shows 57% and log of lyrics not found. The funny thing is that the list of songs doesn’t match the one I have on my PC. Seems like random list of names.

    • yeah you are right……….i got the same result i think it is fake……the software size is also very small

  4. Its leave the loading on 9.xx % and show me a log of lyrics cant found!
    Why shoud i do?
    any other program can do this job?
    Whats happend to pearlyrics?

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