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Add Programs & Folders In My Computer & Control Panel [Windows]

Some while ago we covered a neat little hack for Windows 7 that allowed you to put programs in My Computer under Network Locations. One of our readers, caschy, suggested using Folder2MyPC for the same reason. We gave the utility a shot and indeed, it simplifies the process far more, and also brings the option to add programs under control panel as well.

Folder2MyPC has a simple, easy-to-use interface consisting of five main tabs: Create Folder, Create Application, Edit Delete, Language, and About. The first tab allows creation of folders under My Computer, while the second tab lets you create application shortcuts under both My Computer and Control Panel.



The Edit Delete tab not only allows modification of existing shortcuts, but also backup and restore should you need it. Languages available include English and Russian.

Following two snapshots show what the program is capable of.



Main features on Folder2MyPC include:

  • Add/change/remove any folder and programs in a folders “My Computer” and “Control Panel”
  • You can chose how you want to open the folder (in a new window or not)
  • Customize the shortcut’s icon
  • Create shortcut’s both for the current user and for all users of PC
  • Program loading for display of new folders, after creation of folders is not required

We have tested this software on Windows 7 32-bit operating system.

Download Folder2MyPC


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