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FileSeek: Advanced Search From Windows Explorer Context Menu

Most search optimizers & tools comes with heavy indexing processes, they can be quite useful in terms of providing instant search but some back-end indexing can heavily bogs down your system performance. In this regard, FileSeek is a lightweight yet powerful tool built especially to provide prompt search results without running any instance for indexing system’s content. Furthermore, it comes with multiple options for optimizing the search results such as; Query controlled-search and exclusion of files & extensions support.

The interface is quite simple & neat, comes with multiple options to start search with. You can specify as many folders, files and drives as you want. It supports appending folders to search from multiple places concurrently. Other noteworthy features are; Query-based search and using multiple search modes such as; Full String, Treating query as regular expression, Match all words, and Match any word. You also have an option for excluding files or folders from the search results. From right side, you can configure various search settings and specify date/time ranges.


From Tools menu, you can configure advanced settings. Under Search tab, error-relevant controls can enabled/disabled. You can also change the number of characters in search results. Under Other Application tab, you can provide parameters to search from specific application line number. Once parameters are inserted, you can show the search results in specified application like Notepad ++, Latex Editor, etc.


other apps

Importantly, you don’t have to launch it every time for searching files, as it is integrated in Windows Explorer Context menu,  you can launch it quickly and start searching for required content.

As far as other search optimizers & tools are concerned, it stands bit aside as indexing the whole system is not pre-req any more. Explorer integration will also help you in launching it quickly. If you’ve been unlucky with build-in Windows search feature, try this application as a permanent search tool.

It runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Testing was done on system running Windows 7 32-bit OS.

Download FileSeek

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