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Analyze, Generate And Manage Passwords With Password tools bundle

Password tools bundle is a free password analyzer, generator and manager. It’s a handy tool for analyzing password strength, generating new passwords and managing all your passwords so you don’t forget them. It offers three different features categorized under separate tabs; Analyzer, Generator and Manager to perform the respective password management related task.

Use the Analyzer tab to test the strength of your passwords. Enter a custom password and hit Check Password Strength key to determine strength of the specified password. You will also find the criteria to set effective password in this tab.


You can set an application to generate its own custom passwords, use the Generator tab. Under this tab, you can specify password length as well as the strength percentage of the generated passwords. You can also choose to include/exclude special symbols, capitals, numbers and numerics only from the list. Save the password list to text file by clicking on Export password list option.


Under Manager tab, you can manage all the accounts. From the top menu, click on Add New Item icon to add a new entry to the manager. It requires you to specify Password, Username, and URL of the webpage.


Settings tab refers to the advanced settings, where you can also change the master password for this application. It supports Windows XP, WIndows Vista and Windows 7 OS, testing was carried out on Windows 7 x86 system

Download Password tools bundle

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