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Our Favorite Pig Smashing Birds Go Galactic With Angry Birds Space

The wait is over – Rovio and NASA have joined together to bring everyone’s favorite birds and their green pig rivals to Android, iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, Windows & Mac in the latest installment of the franchise: Angry Birds Space. Set in a space-themed environment, this release brings an entirely new level of gameplay to the series not seen in any of the earlier three versions. Read on for more information.


While the first three games in the series were set on flat ground, Angry Birds Space is featured in an environment with planets, their moons, asteroids and other celestial bodies, each having its own field of gravity. The physics engine has been rebuilt from scratch to cater to the new environment. Rovio has even designed a website to showcase the new gameplay in Angry Birds Space. And as with all Angry Birds games, there is also a really cool intro video:

You launch birds like in the previous versions but what’s different is what happens after the launch. As shown in the trajectory path, the launched birds follow an orbital path around the planets that the pigs have made their strongholds on. Depending on the gravity and the launch angle, the bird can even circle the planet multiple times before crashing into its target. Another change is the ability to launch birds even in reverse direction and still hit the target, adding tons of more fun to the gameplay. It’s just got to be experienced to fully cherish.


The game features 60 regular levels, hidden bonus levels, some brand new birds with new powers and nifty trick shots. With Rovio promising regular free updates to add newer levels, the fun isn’t set to stop anytime soon.

Angry Birds Space is available for Android at Google Play Store as ad-supported free version as well as ad-free paid version for $0.99. For iOS devices, the regular version for iPhone and iPod Touch can be found at the iTunes App Store for $0.99 and the HD version for iPad for $2.99. Finally for the desktop users amongst us, the PC version is available at Angry Birds Store for €5.95 ($7.83) while the Mac version can be purchased at the Mac App Store for $4.99.

Visit Angry Birds Space Website

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