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Anti Tracks Helps Hide Or Remove Web Activity Traces & Maintain PC

When you visit a website, history of all your activity including URLs of all the pages that you visit, passwords that you save, and website preferences that you set are recorded by your web browser in several files. Browser cookies are small files that holds information about everything that you do on a particular website. Even though having this information saved is useful as it saves you the trouble of entering all the information again, and helps the website determine the type of content you would be interested in, it can be used by malicious websites to breach your privacy and track your activities. Anti Tracks is an application for Windows that allows you to protect your privacy by allowing you to easily remove history and temporary data saved by web browsers as well as local operations such as searches, opening files etc. Its large collection of tools enables you to easily remove traces of all your activity from all possible locations on your hard drive.

When you launch the application for the first time, it runs a Quick Start Wizard guiding you through all the basic settings required to wipe your tracks. In this wizard, you can choose to erase items related to your browser and local activity. Features such as Cookie Manager allow you to skip removing tracks of trusted websites, while a list of third-party utilities allows you to wipe data related to other application installed on your computer.

Anti Tracks Cookie Manager

When you finish the wizard, the main interface pops up, giving you access to all the features of the application. There are 6 main categories available on the main interface, namely Track Eraser, Disk Cleaner, Data Concealing, Spam Eliminator, Track Concealing and Tools.

Anti Tracks Main

Track Eraser contains the Tracks Eraser and File Shredder tools that allow you to erase history related to browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari), Windows, Plugins, Junk Mail etc.

Anti Tracks Tracks Eraiser

In the Disk Cleaner section, you’ll find Junk Files Cleaner, Duplicate Files Cleaner, Shortcuts Cleaner, Empty Folders Cleaner and Disk Wiper – all pretty much self-explanatory tools. While not directly related to privacy, these tools allow you to manage your hard drive and keep it clean from any unwanted files and folders.

Anti Tracks Disk Cleaner

The Data Concealing section allows you to hide files and folders using simple drag-and-drop gestures with the Hide Files & Folders utility, and save passwords for different accounts in the Passwords Wallet.

Anti Tracks Hide Files & Folders

The Spam Eliminator section houses the Disposable Emails tool that allows you to generate temporary email addresses for using in scenarios where you don’t want to use your personal email address. This can be handy for registrations on websites where you’ll only need to receive a verification email one time, and you don’t want to take the risk of potentially getting spam or unwanted emails. Using the tool, you can select a custom password and expiration time from 1 day to 12 months for the disposable email address that you generate.

Anti Tracks Disposable Emails

The Track Concealing section offers Panic Key as well as IP Concealer, though the latter is available only in the paid version of the appPanic Key lets you choose a hotkey to minimize and hide applications of your choice. You can create multiple groups of applications, enabling you to minimize different sets of windows, each with their own hotkey. In addition to minimizing, you can also mute windows as soon as you hit the hotkey, which is useful for media players.

Anti Tracks Panic Key

The Tools category consolidates a bunch of system management utilities including Space Analyzer, Uninstaller, Startup Manager, and Disk Cleaner Backups (for cleaning up backups created during disk cleaning tasks), and System Backups. All these tools are self-explanatory and can come handy for running diagnosis, maintenance and backup tasks on your computer.

Anti Tracks Startup Manager

Anti Tracks is by no means only an anti-tracking application. The sheer number of tools available in this app can be really helpful in system management, and eliminate the need to use multiple applications for the purpose. Anti Tracks works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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