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Apex Legends: How to get Raiders Collection Event 24 limited time themes

Apex Legends routine has specials events and depending on the type of event that it is, the game gets new playable characters, maps or map updates, new weapons (and other items), unlock new customisation options for characters, and more.

Raiders Collection Event

Apex Legends: Raiders Collection Event

The Apex Legends: Raiders Collection Event is now live. It will run from December 7 – December 21, 2021. The theme for the event is pirates so the skins, characters, and customizations that are unlocked or available during this event, all conform to this theme.

There are specific challenges under the Raiders event, which, when completed, will give you points you can redeem for one or more of the items in the event. Complete the challenges every day, and get points. Once you have a certain number of points, you can check which items have been unlocked.

Raiders Collection Event 24 limited time themes

The Raiders event has a tracker that you can use to find out what items will be unlocked at a certain level. It starts from 250 points to 5000 points. The items that are available during this event are as follows.

Skin bundles

  • Brudda Bear Gibraltar skin with the Stocking gun charm and Sugar Rush (R-99 gun)
  • Claustic Caustic skin with the Stocking gun charm and Season’s Greetings (R-99 gun)
  • Hack Frost Crypto skin with Stocking gun charm and Ice Cold (R-301 rifle)
  • Stay Frosty Bangalore skin with the Stocking gun charm and Season’s Greetings (R-99 gun)
  • The Wise Cracker Mirage skin bundle with the Stocking gun charm and Sugar Rush (R-99 gun)


  • Birds of a Feather – Bloodhound emote
  • Bloody Buccaneer – Bloodhound skin
  • Brigantine – CAR SMG skin
  • Burial at Sea – Revenant skin
  • Captain’s Plunder – Flatline skin
  • Cerulean Blues – Wingman skin
  • Cloud Marauder – Valkyrie skin
  • Deadly Hide ‘N Seek – universal holospray
  • Deep Current – Wattson skin
  • Deep Sea Dragon – Ash skin
  • Deep Sixed – Pathfinder skin
  • Flourished Steel – Ash emote
  • Forbidden Treasure – Devotion skin
  • Freebooter – Seer skin
  • Jump Right In – universal holospray
  • Misdirection – Seer banner pose
  • Pieces of Eight – R-301 skin
  • Plankwalker – Rampage skin
  • Plumed Explorer – Loba skin
  • Skull and Crossfire – EVA-8 skin
  • Sliced and Diced – Ash banner pose
  • Thunderbuss – Charge Rifle skin
  • Wave Shift – Wraith skin

Wattson Hierloom 

Wattson is getting the rare heirloom cosmetics. These are;

Energy Reader: Heirloom melee weapon
Handled With Care: Hierloom Wattson stance 
Try as you might, you can’t Kilowatt…son – Heirloom Wattson intro 

Other items

  • 24 new cosmetics/customizations for Legends and weapons
  • Premium skins for CAR SMG, Charge Rifle, Flatline, Hemlock, R301 rifle, Wingman
  • Previously released cosmetics will also be available with a staggered release


Items of an Event can be earned via points or they can be bought with real money. It’s up to you to pick how you want to get them. For users who do not play as often, spending money on a few items may make sense. For users who play regularly, earning points to get an item will be much easier and a reasonable challenge. 

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