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Search Code Snippets, Graphics, Website Templates & More With Artist Maker

Having problems searching through multiple sites for a particular image, video, code or a template? With Artist Market, the free and portable Windows and Linux application, you can easily search for the artistic object of your desire without having to manually go through a long process of searching multiple sites. Whether it’s background images, icons, videos, Java or PHP scripts, WordPress templates or a flash player design. Everything is just a few clicks away. Artist Market - Windows After unzipping the archive, run the executable file to launch the application. It will display two categories. The main categories are shown with buttons across the top (ie: Graphics, Movies, Code, Templates, Flash & Unity 3d and Popular Items). Simply selecting the appropriate category will display its sub-categories on the sidebar on the left. Just select the sub-category, and their items will be displayed in the item panel. Double-clicking an item opens a web page in your default web browser, with a full list of the respective items for your perusal.

The sites that the items link to include:

  • graphicriver.net
  • videohive.net
  • codecanyon.net
  • themeforest.net
  • activeden.net
  • and more.

Backgrounds - GraphicRiver If you can’t find the item you want, then simply write the search terms in the search bar at the bottom of the item panel and press the search button (note: pressing enter doesn’t work). If you want to search the most popular items in the categories then click the Popular items button on the top-right. Artist Market - Popular Items The window will show the popular items’ sub-categories on the left sidebar and their respective items will be shown in the items pane. Double-click an item to go to its website. Rather than scratching your head manually searching through various sites, this application helps artist find what they want in record time. Download it now by hitting up the link below. Download Artist Market

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  1. how do you create a website which uses data from other selective websites and displays the same. what programs do we use ?

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