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Automate System Shutdown Parameters For Efficient Power Management

In our quest to reduce power consumption, small but consistent acts may lead to a notable difference. Quite often your system sits idle resulting in nothing but power consumption. It is in such situations that some degree of automation might make the difference. With SleepWalker Shutdown Timer, you can create and configure automated actions like shutdown, restart, hibernate, log off user, turn off monitor, run a file or a screensaver at custom-specified intervals. Moreover, the Idle Shutdown feature allows you to shut the system after a specific idle threshold. Functions like Hotkeys, Password Protection, Log Events and Notifications & Alerts are useful enhancements in resource optimization. You can also benefit from the option to forcibly shutdown or restart to instantly resolve deadlocks.

As soon as the installation completes, the program executes and sits in the system tray. The feature rich environment is organized into multiple tabs with an automated timer. Default shutdown operations can be configured from the General tab, while the Send to Tray button at the bottom left corner conceals the activity within the system tray. You can further specify countdown duration and system boot option from this tab.

SleepWalker - Main

Quite often, your system may remain idle when not in use. For such situations, the Idle Shutdown tab enables the relevant feature using the time threshold specified. You can also enable the Force the computer shutdown option, which rescues the system in case of any crashes.

SleepWalker - Idle Shutdown

SleepWalker Shutdown Timer not only allows you to perform shutdown operations, it also supports automated actions like Restart, Hibernate, Turn off screen, run a file or screensaver as soon as you activate the timer. This can also be scheduled for daily or weekly action as per the requirement.

SleepWalker - Timer

A useful feature is the ability to perform additional tasks before executing the relevant operation. For instance, you may want the application to automatically empty the Recycle Bin or clear the browser history before shutting down. More importantly, you can choose to clear all temporary files before acting upon the specified action. It should be noted that the deleted files can not be recovered later.

SleepWalker - CleanUp

To save your time, SleepWalker equips you with the ability to associate hotkeys in accordance with system operations that are scheduled through the application.

SleepWalker - Hotkeys

All in all, SleepWalker Shutdown Timer is a valuable addition to your system management capabilities. Although it doesn’t have an attractive user interface (and a few spelling mistakes were spotted, too), but the tech-savvy users may overlook these drawbacks. We tested it on Windows 7, 64-bit edition. It supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download SleepWalker Shutdown Timer

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