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How to batch crop images on Windows 10

Cropping an image is an action that isn’t easy to automate. This is because there’s no algorithm that can analyze and understand exactly what needs to be kept in an image and then apply the criteria to multiple images. You need a human eye to do the job but, if the object you want to keep in an image is roughly in the same place in multiple images, you can automate the crop process. Here’s how you can batch crop images.

Batch crop images

In order to batch crop images, you need to start with images that have the object you intend to keep in the same place. If you think it’s roughly in the same place, that will do. We’re going to use IrfanView for this. Open one of the images that you’d like to crop in IrfanView and click at the top left corner where you’d like to start cropping the image from. Don’t drag out and create a marquee for cropping. Instead, look at the title bar and you’ll see XY followed by two values. Note these down.

Open IrfanView and go to File>Batch conversion/rename. In the window that opens, select the images that you’d like to crop and click Add. Next, click the Advanced button under the ‘Batch conversion settings’ section. This will open a new window. Enable the ‘Crop’ option. In the X-pos box, enter the first value that you noted earlier from the title bar. In the Y-pos box, enter the second value.

Next, enter the height and width for the image you’d like to keep. Everything outside will be cropped out. Click OK, and then click ‘Start Batch’. By default, the app saves the images to a TEMP folder in your Windows drive but you can change this location from the Batch Conversion window if you like. The images are saved as copies so in case the crop cuts out an important part of an image, you will still have the original.

If you’re just learning about this feature in IrfanView, you’ll find that it’s difficult to use. Knowing that you can use this feature allows you to change how you take screenshots. Set them up so that they’re easier to batch crop with IrfanView i.e., try and center the object on your screen and position them all in roughly the same place in all your screenshots. It might take a little getting used to but there are tools that can help you arrange items on your screen to take the pain out of it.

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