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Browse Instagram The Modern UI Way With Piktr For Windows 8

Microsoft Windows 8 has attracted a lot of attention and has been at the helm of discussion since its launch. Interestingly, the same can be said for the now Facebook-owned Instagram. An official Instagram app for Windows 8 and RT has yet to make its way to Windows Store but you will be delighted to find various third-party alternatives to suffice for the job (such as previously reviewed Wingram). Piktr is a new entrant that has jumped into the scene and looks promising, if not amazing, to say the least. The app lets you view and access your Instagram photos in a slick Modern-UI interface. In addition, you can take a glance at your followers, the people you’re following, their photos, and the comments as well as likes. Piktr boasts a fine-looking interface sporting a soft gray background from top to bottom. Once launched, the app acquaints you with a couple of control elements; you can tap on an image to view its comments, and swipe from top or bottom edge of the device to refresh the page. To get started. click the log in button for signing in to your account. Enter your username and password, click Log in, confirm the app’s permission request, and you’ll land on the app’s main screen.


Piktr looks quite primitive when it comes to the number of features it offers. The main screen presents everything in a tiled manner, from photos to the comments pane to your profile picture at the very top right. Clicking or tapping a photo shows the pertaining comments and in addition, you can tap the Like button to favorite the photo. The app also shows the related tags for photos, though you cannot filter the images according to tags. Also, the app does not allow you to post comments on the selected photo, so for now, it acts pretty much like an Instagram viewer only. You can swipe up or down from the bottom or top edge respectively or use the right-click button to bring up the app bar to access the Refresh option.


Tapping a profile picture takes you to the main profile page for the user, where you can see the recent photos uploaded by them, as well as their  followers and the people they are following. It works the exact same way for your own profile as well.


Overall, Piktr is a decent Instagram viewer for Windows 8, but still has room for improvement, specifically when it comes to the support for adding comments. The app works on Windows 8 and Windows RT devices.

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