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Change Windows 7 Library Icons With LiBraryIconsChanger

LiBraryIconsChanger is a simple application that allows you to change Windows 7 library icons to give them a custom look. With the help of this application you can easily replace the .ico files of the Windows 7 library icons with a desired icon.

Just launch this portable application, select a library icon (e.g. Music), click on Browse Icons to select a replacement icon and click Restart Explorer. This will replace the library icon with your selected .ico file.


You can do this for each Library icon one by one to get the custom icon look for your Windows 7 library icons. All icons can be restored by clicking on the Restore Default Icon button. This ensures that you will be able to revert back to the changes (if desired) and will not be left stranded to find and replace the default Windows library icon files.


Want another Windows 7 icon tweak? Check out W7 Superbar Icon Changer.

Download 7LibraryIconsChanger

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