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How to get a Dark Mode in Minecraft on Windows 10

Windows 10 has a dark mode but not all UWP apps have added support for it. The stock UWP apps have a dark mode but many third-party UWP apps, and all desktop apps still do not have one. For some apps, it doesn’t make sense to have a dark mode e.g., Minecraft. It’s a game, a very colorful game and turning everything in it dark is going to take away from the experience. That said, there are still parts of the UI that can do with a dark mode e.g. the inventory view, the Settings view, and the world selection screen. Here’s how you can get a dark mode in Minecraft.

Dark mode in Minecraft

In order to get a dark mode in Minecraft, we’re going to use a texture pack. The one we’re using is for the Bedrock/UWP version and a pack for the Java version is in the works. If you own the Java version of Minecraft, you might want to keep an eye on this pack. The pack was last updated at the end of December 2019.

Download Dark Mode for Minecraft. It will download as an MCPACK file.

To install this texture pack, open File Explorer and go to the following location. Replace ‘YourUserName’ with your actual user name.


Copy the MCPACK file to this location. If you have Minecraft open, close it and open it again. On the main screen, click Settings. Scroll down to the Global Resources section in the column on the left and click it. Under My Packs, you will see the Dark Mode pack. Click it, and click the Activate button. Navigate back to the main screen and the pack will be applied.

Once applied, it will change the main screen, all the settings panels within Minecraft, and the inventory and crafting views within games. It will not change the look of other blocks e.g., the grass is going to be as green as it has always been, and the sky will be a bright blue. If you’d like to change the look of these blocks to something darker, you’re going to have to look for a texture pack that does the job.

There are lots and lots, and lots of resource packs, textures, and shaders available that can give you darker colored blocks but how dark you might want them to be is subjective which is why no one texture pack can handle it and still give you game that’s easy to play for everyone.

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