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Disable Windows 7 Automatic Update Restart Prompt

Microsoft is good at making OS and equally good at annoying the hell out of users. So you enable Automatic Updates and Windows prompts you to restart the computer after installing all updates. Guess what is common between us? Hitting the Postpone button.

But the same prompt will show up again after some time depending on the number of minutes or hours you have selected to postpone. Now this is where the trouble begins. What if you are away from computer when the prompt is displayed again? It will restart the system, thus you will lose all the work.

I know there are guides out there asking people to modify the registry to remove the prompt, but I will never recommend that. The best way to Postpone the restart operation forever is to use the Postpone Restart.

It is a small tool that sits in the system tray and automatically clicks the Postpone button for you. In layman’s term when the postpone operation becomes automated, you can say it is disabled temporarily. Simple as that!

disable restart windows 7

If you exit the app from the system tray, you will need to click postpone button in the restart prompt manually. I would recommend running this nifty little tool only when want to leave and the restart prompt is bugging you over and over again.

It is a portable executable that takes only 1.5Mb of system memory when running. It works on Windows Vista and Windows 7, Windows XP support has not been added yet.

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