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Disable Windows Update Device Driver Search Prompt In Windows 7 / Vista

Do you get annoyed every time Windows asks you to search for the latest driver using Windows Update? It is great way to update the device driver, but if you have the driver on a CD or you want to download it manually from the company’s website, then you can turn it off.

To disable it go to Start and type gpedit.msc in the Start Search and press Enter. Once Local Group Policy Editor is open navigate to,

Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > System > Driver Installation

disable automatic driver update

Now from the right sidebar open the key named “Turn Off Windows Update Device Driver Search Prompt” and select Enabled and click OK.

turn off update Now Restart your computer or Log Off and then sign back in. That’s it. Now Windows bother you any more. Enjoy!

Note: This will not disable the Windows Update, it will only stop prompting you to update the device driver using Windows Update. You will still be able to update the driver by manually going to Windows Update.

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