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Display Real-Time Physical And Virtual Memory Usage, Page File Usage, And Hard Disk Space

MemoryWatch is a small open source tool that displays your physical memory usage, virtual memory usage, page file usage, and the disk space of the selected local drive. And warns you when any of them reach critical levels. On launch, it will display the real-time usage sitting above the system tray menu. It can be minimized to system tray, started with windows, and selected to remain always on top. Both the refresh interface (in ms) and warning limit (in percentage) can be selected by the user.

memory watch

Rather than visiting the dreaded Windows Task Manager to check for memory usage – both physical and virtual, it is easier to check the usage in real time from the desktop. Excellent for developers or anyone else who want to develop and test their applications for memory usage. The Page File Usage is also great and helps if you want to check it in real time. The only option to check for total space consumed (and left) is for individual drives. Checking the total storage of the whole hard drive is not possible with this tool. There are no restrictions when setting both Refresh time and Warning Limit.

Personally, I find the “Driver Space Usage” option to be handy because, just yesterday when trying to encode some videos, I was notified that the space on my drive was full. It would have been nice to see how much space was being taken in real-time.

Similarly, users who are tight on RAM will find it useful since they can know which new app is eating up their memory and thus kill certain applications to save up space. The application works on all versions of Windows, we tested on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download MemoryWatch

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