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Change Android Screen Resolution With LCD Density

Feel the need to change the screen resolution on your Android Phone? Too Big? Too Small? Watching a lot of High quality videos? Or you simply want more details to display in the small screen of your Android phone? In either case, give LCD Density a shot. It is currently in beta, but definitely does what it says. Increase or decrease the screen resolution just by tapping.


After installation, the screen might go black for couple of seconds. Afterwards, you’re on the menu screen of LCD Density. Density can be set from 120 to 300. Smaller density means larger screen resolution and larger density, smaller resolution!


The screenshots below were taken with density set to 200. Difference is simple and visible!


It would be a great plus if a ‘restore to default’ button is added. For now you have to uninstall and reboot your device to get back to default resolution. It requires a rooted Android phone and was successfully tested on Galaxy S.


Download from AppBrain or Scan the QR Code above.

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