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How To Download Your Groove Music Library On Windows 10

Microsoft’s brief attempt at entering the music market ended in October this year. The company announced it was shutting down its Groove Music service, conceding ground to Spotify. Since the service is shutting down, you will want to back up your music and you will want to do that now because the service is officially shutting down on December 31, 2017. That’s 4 days away. You can download your Groove Music library from the Groove app on your Windows 10 desktop. Here’s how.

Download Groove Music

When you open the Groove Music app, it will warn you that the service is shutting down and look for music to download offline. If you skip or abort the download, you will have to manually download Groove Music files.

Open the Groove app on Windows 10 and select the ‘My Music’ tab from the column on the left. This tab shows you your entire music collection including music files in your OneDrive account, and local music files. This is also where music you’ve purchased on Groove Music will appear. Open the Filter dropdown and select the ‘Purchased’ option.

All the items you see will be songs you’ve purchased through Groove Music. Right-click a song and select ‘Select’ from the context menu. Select all the other songs you want to download, and then click the download button.

Depending on how large your library is, and how stable and fast your internet is, it will take a little time to download all your music. If you want to be able to access it all from inside the Groove app later, you should upload it to OneDrive.

Groove Music Pass

If you purchased a year-long Google Music Pass subscription valid beyond December 31, 2017, you are eligible for a full refund. Make sure that you have a valid credit card entered in your billing information so that Microsoft can issue you a refund. In the event that it is unable to issue a refund to your credit card, it will give you a gift card for the Microsoft Store worth 120% of the refundable amount of your Groove Music Pass.

If you want, you can cancel your Groove Music Pass and get an immediate refund. If you think you might run into problems with your credit card when Microsoft tries to issue a refund, it’s best to cancel the service and proactively handle the entire refund process. If you have an unredeemed pass, it is no longer refundable in cash. Microsoft will, however, offer you a gift card for the Microsoft Store worth 120% of the value of your pass. You can check out the details Microsoft has released regarding the shut down of the service here.

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