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eM Client 2 – Alternative To Outlook & Thunderbird

I have a feeling that Microsoft Outlook might not survive longer than expected, while Thunderbird has finally gotten a serious competitor today.

eM Client was first launched last year to the public, the development started back in 2006. It was aimed to be a light-weight alternative to Outlook, or in developers’ own words an “Outlook killer”. After a total of 1300 revisions, earlier today a newer version 2.0 beta was released to the masses.

eM Client 2.0 has a slightly different UI when compared with the original client and has hundreds of newly added features. Some remarkable features include Multi-Calendar with reminders, Google Calendar and Contacts sync, build-in Facebook and IM integration, ActiveSync support, integrated Anti-virus, newer sidebar, new search toolbar, drag & drop support, and more.

Even though most functionalities mentioned above are possible in Thunderbird by using plugins, eM Client has everything build-in. This saves the headache of having to search, install, and manage various different plugins.

Setting up a new account is similar to setting it up in Outlook, just enter your name and email address, make sure Automatically discover server settings checkbox is checked and hit Next. If you are using the widely popular GMail, it will grab the default incoming and outgoing server settings. For few services you will have to manually enter the Incoming and Outgoing address, which is not a big deal.

Account Wizard emclient

What I like specifically is that to add Google Account and import & sync Calendar and Contacts, you don’t need to manually configure anything. They can be added through a simple Account Wizard, just select Google from the list and hit Next.

em client account wizard

Once the account is up, you can import messages and contacts from Outlook, Windows Address Book, Facebook, Google, and other email clients and services.

Import Messages and Contacts to eM Client

import data from outlook to em client

You can quickly access Mail, Calendar, Tasks, and Contacts from the left sidebar. There is also a small sidebar on the right side of the window where Contacts, Contacts details, Communication history and Attachment history are displayed.

To send a new message, hit New button. You can also create new task, calendar, and contact by selecting them from New drop-down context menu.

em client new mail

There are so many features that we have not mentioned them all in this post. To view the complete list of features along with the list of changes, go here. Below I have posted few extra screenshots of this client for your viewing pleasure.

eM Client Calendar

em client tasks

eM client main

Can’t wait to get your hands on this client? Grab it from the link below.

Download eM Client

It works on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003/2008, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Enjoy!

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