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Emulate Keyboard And Mouse Clicks With Actionaz

Do you want to perform some repeated tasks automatically? Instead of having to click a button many times manually, wouldn’t it be better if an application can handle it for you? Actionaz is a free utility that can handle various keyboard and mouse inputs automatically. You can either perform a new action or load a script.

It can come handy in situations where you have multiple applications open and have to click various buttons repeatedly. It can perform full tasks, such as, minimize/maximize window, mouse cursor to a location, click a button, execute an operation, stop script, input a text, close an app, copy from clipboard, etc.

perform new action - actionaz

When you select a new action from the list, you then have to define the exact operation of that action. The upside is that it can perform action on both Linux and Windows. As you can see from the screenshot below, for a click action you have to define further settings such as which button to press, how many clicks to perform, exact coordinates in x/y, and color variables.

emulate mouse click action

You can select various basic settings from the Options screen, such as show script errors, auto completion, variable list, show taskbar icon, start progress bar among many others.

actionaz options

Overall, it is a very robust and stable application that works on all versions of Windows.

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