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Exclusive: How To Create A Computer Activity Monitoring Software For Free

Editor’s Notes: Sometimes it is better not to pay for a software. We at AddictiveTips do our best to find out ways to solve a problem for free without having to pay for a commercial software. One tool alone cannot quite accomplish a task, this is why we are going to use multiple tools to create our very own Computer Activity Monitoring Software. This method can be followed by almost everyone, since it does not require even a single line of code to be written. 😉

By definition, a computer activity monitoring software means a tool that can monitor the activity without the person knowing that he is being watched. Auto Clicker Typer is not a monitoring tool, but we will convert it into one by making some clever modifications.

Installing and Setting Up Auto Clicker Typer

To begin, first install Auto Clicker Typer. Once done, open it and check the Record Cursor Movement checkbox.

Auto Clicker Typer record cursor movement

Now click Hot Keys button and set the hotkeys for both Record and Stop options.

hotkeys for recording and stopping auto clicker typer

Finally minimize the application and it will sit in the system tray.

auto clicker typer in system tray

Hiding The System Tray Icon

To hide the icon from the system tray, open TrayIt(no installation is required). Navigate to Edit > Shell Icons.

tray it shell icons

Uncheck the Auto Clicker Typer checkbox as shown in the screenshot below and close the TrayIt application.

auto clicker typer hiding system tray

Now you will see that the Auto Clicker Typer system tray icon has vanished.

hiding auto clicker typer system tray icon

Confirm That Monitoring Tool Is Running In Background

Note that only the system icon has vanished, the app is actually running in the background. To confirm if the app is running in background, open up the Windows Task Manager by hitting Ctrl+Shift+Esc and go to Processes tab.

If you find Auto Clicker Typer.exe in the list, then it means everything is going according to the plan. 😉

windows task manager auto clicker hider

Start Monitoring

Now before your spouse, children, friend, or co-worker starts using your computer, hit Ctrl + Shift + 1, which is the hotkey we set for Recording. Once he/she gets up from your computer, you can hit Ctrl + Shift + 2, which is the hotkey we set to stop the recording.

Even if they are near you, they won’t know when you hit the hotkeys since nothing will happen in front of them. Only you will know the secret. 🙂

But wait, what if they shutdown, restart, or log off the computer? Yes, this is one problem but you can disable these options from Local Group Policy Editor.

Disable Shutdown, Log Off, Restart, Sleep, and Hibernation

Open Local Group Policy Editor,

In Windows XP: Type gpedit.msc in Run command and hit Enter.

In Windows Vista and 7: Type gpedit.msc in Start Search and hit Enter.

Navigate to User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Start Menu and Taskbar from the left sidebar.

Now find and enable two keys named, Remove and Prevent Access to the Shutdown, Restart, Sleep, and Hibernate Commands and Remove Logoff on the Start Menu. To get a more clear picture, go here.

Once done, close the window and you will find all these options removed from both Start Menu and Windows Security screen.

shutdown, logoff, sleep, turned off

What’s Next

Once you have stopped recording, enable the system tray icon back on with TrayIt. Now open Auto Clicker Typer and click Play to see all the activity that happened while you were away, you can also save this activity to view it later by clicking Save List.

Note: You can also set an Hotkey for Playing, Clearing List, and other options.

auto clicker typer save activity list

Download The Software Pack

I have added both tools in a simple zip file, in case their respective sites go down you can always download from here.

Download AddictiveTips Activity Monitoring Software Pack (666Kb)



  1. We are just students, we found your toolkit last night. We used the toolkit and found its very gooooooooooooooooooooooood :):):):):):):):):):):) thanks a lot . hope you would give some more hacking tools. those are very very sooo much funny and working. we are havin’ fun , thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Enabling access and restricting shutdown/restart is messy. Otherwise a good guide for monitoring usage.

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