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Sync Facebook Contacts, Events, And Birthdays With Outlook

Here I am going to review the step by step guide which will allow facebook users to sync contacts, events, and birthdays. For the latter two, we will be using fbCal, since there doesn’t appear to be any better solution out there at the moment.

First lets begin with Contacts. There are two apps which can help to sync contacts from Facebook to Outlook, they are OutSync & Fonebook. Both have almost similar usage and restrictions. These apps can only import the names, photos, and birthdays, but cannot import the contact numbers or website URLs, this is because Facebook does not allow it’s collection.


Get OutSync

Get Fonebook

Now for importing events and calendars, follow the review here for fbCal. Hit the Microsoft Outlook buttons under both Events and Birthdays to add them respectively.

fccalapp outlook

That’s it. If you know about any other tool which can help sync Facebook with other services or apps, feel free to share it with us. Enjoy!


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