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How to fix ‘Unable to find module repositories’ error in PowerShell on Windows 10

PowerShell does a few basic things but there are quite a few modules available for it that you can install and use them to get more out of it. Installing a module in PowerShell is pretty easy however, sometimes when you try to install a module you get the error ‘Unable to find module repositories’ which prevents you from installing it. If you’re getting this error, the fix is pretty easy.

Fix ‘Unable to find module repositories’

Open PowerShell with admin rights and run the following command;

Register-PSRepository -Default

Once the command has run, the problem should be resolved. Run the command to install a module or add a repository and this time, it should work. The command completes within a few seconds.

Other solutions

The ‘Unable to find module repositories’ error appears when PowerShell cannot find the repository that you’re adding, or the module that you’re trying to add since it too comes from a repository. The command re-registers the repository gallery which is why, in most cases, it will fix the problem.

Other reasons this error may appear is if PowerShell is unable to communicate with the repository that you want to add. This could be a problem with your internet. If you’re using a VPN or a Proxy service, disable it and then try installing the module again. It’s worth running the Register command again after disabling the proxy before you attempt to install a module.

If disabling the proxy is not an option, you need to enable the proxy for PowerShell as well. If you’re using a proxy via a desktop app, it is highly likely PowerShell is bypassing it. Once you enable the proxy for PowerShell, run the Register command again and then try installing the module.

You should also make sure that you’re running the latest version of PowerShell. If you’re not running the latest version of Windows 10, your version of PowerShell might not be the latest and that’s why the command might be failing. You should also uninstall older versions of PowerShell.

Lastly, and this really is a last ditch effort, try changing the execution policy and then import or install the module. You should also make sure the module is still available. Try installing a different module to see if it installs and if it does, perhaps the problem is with the other module that you’re trying to install. Some modules might have other, alternate methods for installing them so try those.

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