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Folder Is Empty? Remove Empty Directories And Trash Files With RED

If you haven’t remove junk off your PC lately, a quick glance into Program Files will reveal a plethora of folders of many uninstalled applications, which contain nothing or just have desktop.ini / thumbs.db files. Even uninstalling applications properly seems helpless in removing such empty folders that are present in various locations, such as, Program files, My Documents, and Windows folder. If you’re planning to remove all the empty folders, try out RED (Remove Empty Directories). Unlike other empty directory removal utilities, it shows a complete hierarchy of root folder with red marked folders indicating either an empty folder or a folder that contains empty sub-folder(s). This will help you in knowing the location where empty folders are residing and where uninstalled applications leave their traces.

To begin scanning your system for empty folders, launch the app, choose the location to search and click Scan folder to view the hierarchy of folders present in defined location. At the right side, you can check the icon description to know the which folders are hidden, protected, locked, or contains trash.

Remove Empty Directories (Admin mode)

Once scanning process is completed, just click Delete folder to remove all the empty folders along with folder containing trash files in one go.

RED is highly configurable. While providing efficient mechanism to find out empty folders, it also lets you change the criteria. For instance, it considers folders having thumb.db, desktop.ini files as empty, if you need to change the list, head over to Settings and specify file types which you want to remove.

Remove Empty Directories settings

By default, it moves all the empty folders to Recycle bin to ensure safe removal, however, you can pick out old RED delete mode to permanently remove the folders and junk files. It works on Windows XP. Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Download RED


  1. in add and remove program i have problem to remove antivirus avast. an unknown error occurred. tell me what is the problem?

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