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Free Doc (Word) To HTML Converter

Looking for a quick way to convert .doc format into HTML? Recently I stumbled on a little  gem called Doc To Html Converter. Sadly it is not a portable tool, but can still come handy. Just run the program, choose your Microsoft Word(.doc) file, select the destination where you would like to save the output, and hit Convert. Once the operation is complete, it will open the converted document in your default web browser.

doc to html converter

It doesn’t support docx format yet, a real bummer. But it is nevertheless still useful, you can save your .docx document to .doc format using MS Word and then use this tool to convert it to HTML.

Download Doc To Html Converter

It works on all versions of Windows. Enjoy!


  1. Sure didn’t work for me.  I’m on a computer without Word installed.  And now that I read the comments, I partly understand why the thing just sits there and does nothing – there is no Word to call!

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for your valuable converter.

    1) when covered from Doc to Html the header and footer of the Doc is not visible in HTML.

    2) when convert back the Html to Doc again the header and footer need’s to there as it will in Doc.

    Any solution please do inundate me.

    Thanks is Advance

    • Hell – this is not a software, this is a joke! It uses simply the MS Word function to save the doc in html format. Are you joking? You can even see that the software starts MS-Word, opens the document and you get exactly the same useless result (because all html documents generated by Word are crap!)

      What a useless software! (This is not even a software, it is just a batch file doin that work)

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