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Free Windows Security Software Downloader

SSDownloader or Security Software Downloader is a portable opensource application that allows user to download multiple popular security software, both free and paid, from an easy-to-use interface. In layman’s term, it is a batch security software downloader.

On the main interface you will find Anti-Virus Software (free and trial), Malware Scan Software, Firewalls, and Other Useful Tools neatly categorized. The usage is simple, just check the security software you want to download, choose the output directory, and hit Download.


Apart from merely being a downloader, it also assists novice users. Clicking the ? button next to each software will give more information about that particular software, along with rating, price and trial days (if the software is trial version), features, and more. It is also able to tell if a particular security software is for normal or more advanced users.

antivirus downloader

The next time you meet a beginner who cannot distinguish between antivirus, malware, and firewall software, hand him this application. Also it can come useful to compare for those who are confused between different security software.

Update: I forgot to include one of the best part about this app. It will automatically detect the version of your OS (32-bit or 64-bit) and download the correct version.

Being a portable tool, it works on all versions of Windows, including the latest Windows 7.

Download SSDownloader

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  • Ravi Gupta

    Excellent find

  • Ravi Gupta

    On second thoughts, what about some of the apps that come with different 32-bit 64-bit installers, like MSE? Does it detect the current OS and download accordingly?

    • Thanks for reminding. I totally forgot to include this in the post. The answer is yes, it will auto download the correct version.