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GoGet: Manage Scattered Data By Copying Format-Specific Files

As time goes by, our photos, songs, movies, documents and other data gets cluttered up, and scattered in our computer. Resultantly, it often happens that when we are looking for a particular file, we can’t find it, because we don’t know its exact location. You can use the search function to look for your files, but that requires you to have the files properly named and tagged. If the files are stored with random names, the only way for you to find them is by knowing their exact location. Well, now you don’t need to remember where each file is placed in your computer because of a very helpful tool called GoGet. It is an application for Windows that lets you manage the content in your hard disk by allowing you to copy specific type of files from a folder, containing files of multiple formats, to another location of your choice. It does not report where the files are placed; it just copies them to a user-specified location. Learn more about GoGet after the break.

Its interface is as simple as it can get. Each field is properly labeled, such as What are you looking for? to define the type of files you want to copy, Where do you want to look? to specify the folder that contains the files, and Where do you want them copied to? to select the new folder where the files will be copied. Once everything is entered, click GoGet button available at the bottom.

GoGet 1.1

The application will first calculate the number of files associated with the specified format, and then copy all the files into the new folder.

Program Manager_2011-12-29_12-17-41

You can also add Templates in the application to perform redundant tasks, such as just copying out the songs from your downloads folder where everything is downloaded. Select File from the top and choose Search Template. Then, click Add to access the Add Template window. Enter the Template Name, What to search for, Search this folder, Copy to this folder and select Save to save the template.

Add Template

GoGet works on both3 2-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Wndows Vista and Windows 7.

Download GoGet

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