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How To Backup, Restore, Create, And Manage Your Google Chrome Profile(s) Instantly

Are you still using Google Chrome and looking for a way to backup, restore, or simply manage the profiles? Your Google Chrome profile contains all information about you, i.e your history, user data, passwords, etc. Google Chrome Backup is a free little tool that helps in creating, restoring, and backing up all your Google Chrome profiles for free. It is a portable app, therefore no installation is required and can be carried anywhere in a USB flash drive.

To begin just run the program and it will automatically detect the Google Chrome browser.

google chrome profile backup window

To backup or restore your profile click Run Wizard. Select Backup to backup your profile(s) and click Next.

google chrome backup wizardIf you have only one profile then you can select the default setting, but if you have multiple profiles and would like to backup a specific profile then select that profile and click Next.

backup profile

Now select the destination where you would like to save the backup and click Backup.

backup location

To restore the profile, start the same Wizard again, select Restore from the options and click Next. In the next window select the backup file and click Next. That’s all.

google chrome restore wizard

All your profiles will be managed in the main window. You can also create a new profile by going to Profile > New Profile.

create a new profile

You can also password protect your backup file, you can find this feature by going to Options. It is a must have tool for everyone who are using Google Chrome out there. This tool works in Windows only and I highly recommend it. Enjoy!

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