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How To Change Name Of The Title Bar In Command Prompt

One reader, Wendy asked:

Is there any way to alter the title bar? I have a shortcut to cmd.exe and all the title bars come out as “Administrator: Command Prompt” . When I minimize several cmd windows, this left hand part is not helpful. I would like to have the path show in the title bar, so that I can at least always see the drive letter. Can that be customized?

This is quite an interesting question. Since most people work on command prompts, they often get confused because all of them have similar names when minimized. There are two ways to customize the title bar so that it shows a different name.

Method 1

Right-click anywhere on desktop, and select New > Shortcut. Type cmd.exe and hit Next. Now give this shortcut a name(something other than the default name) and hit Finish. Now when you will launch this shortcut, you will see the name you defined in the title bar.

change title of command prompt

Method 2

Launch Command Prompt and type the following command title [name]. This will change your title name instantly, but you will have to type this each time you launch it.

change title bar of command prompt

Now coming back to the question, if you want a path in the title bar, simply enter the path name in both methods and you will get it instantly. Check screenshot below.

path in command

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask us. Enjoy!

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