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How To Check If Your Antivirus Software Is Working Correctly

Note: This tip is for beginners who want to test their antivirus software. You will have to create your own virus. Don’t freak out yet, just read the post carefully.

There are no doubt plenty of free antivirus software out there, half of which don’t even detect important viruses. If you think your computer has a virus, but your antivirus software is not detecting it, then the best way to test it is to create your own virus and then scan it. If virus is detected then it means your antivirus is just okay, if not, this means you need to download a new antivirus software. I am using AVG Free Antivirus and I will recommend this to everyone,keep it updated and I can guarantee that no virus will ever infect your computer again.

To create your own virus, follow the steps below,

Create a new Notepad or Text Document in your desktop and open it.

In Windows XP: Right click on Desktop, select New, and then click Notepad.

In Windows Vista: Right click on Desktop, select New and then click Text Document.

Now open it and paste the following code,


eicar.com test file

Once you are done, save the document as EICAR.com

Now scan this file with your antivirus software and it should detect a virus. If it doesn’t, this means you should download a new antivirus software.

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