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How To Convert A Video Into GIF Animation Format For Free

Do you want to create a gif animation from a video file? I was surprised to find that there is no easy solution for this on the internet. Most software that support this type of conversion are commercial software and are not free. Movie To Animated GIF Converter is a free cross-platform portable tool that can convert your video file into gif animation instantly. It currently supports videos from two formats: Avi and Mpeg.

As the name says, you can convert the whole movie(in avi format) into gif format easily. To test it out, I converted a whole 700mb movie into gif animation. To begin, just go to File and select Open Movie. Now mark the points between which you want to save the animation sequence, you can mark the points using the track bar and the Start/End buttons given at the sides of the track bar.

movie to animated gif

Once you have marked the points, click Export and select Export To Animated GIF from the list. You can choose to either resize the animation to 50% or leave it as original, resizing will obviously reduce the file size.

saving movie to gif format

Conversion will take a little time depending on the length and size of the video.

animated gif export

The output result is stunning, you can check the quality yourself by going here. Enjoy!

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  • Amit

    thanks for that

  • Ahmar

    not workingg
    its not installlingg

    • Then you might have a corrupt installer. Try downloading the software again.

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  • Pink

    I have an image. http://www.radiohead.com/Archive/Site9/24hr.html
    That I want to make into a animation that I could display on a forum, or website .. etc.
    How can I do this?

  • nick

    yo thanks for the software, works great!

  • sundaymicky

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  • Kim21

    You can also use VidGIF 2.3 (http://www.geovid.com/VidGIF/ ).I use this programm..

  • macdvdripper

    I dont know how to convert video on mac. Thank for this information.

  • macdvdripper

    I dont know how to convert video on mac. Thank for this information.

  • kayla

    Yes! This is exactly what I needed. Worked excellently. Thank you.

  • kayla

    Yes! This is exactly what I needed. Worked excellently. Thank you.

  • wow! thanks alot… =) i've been looking for a post so comprehensive as yours… really easy to understand and easy to follow… nice job Nakodari!!! http://www.wegif.com/
    Gif Photo Animation

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  • rin

    Is there anyway to re-size to other percentage instead of just 50%?

  • AJHunter

    Is there a way on ubuntu?

    It doesn’t have a Ubuntu, Debian or any Linux installers.
    on further note you could install wine and test to see if it works.

    my test….
    wine-1.1.42=not working.

    I’m not game to try and install wine1.2 or wine1.3 atm as the wine im runnning seems to work for alot of the things i need. But if you do try and get it working please tell me which version of wine you got it to run in.


    Thanks for the review!this software is awesome! and most importantly it is free.

  • sdfsg

    it would be great if it works well, i like playing games, and sometime i would like to copy the interface of the scene, next time when i playing GAMES i would try this software.

  • Albane

    Yeah, could there be a way for ubuntu users ? Because the quality of the gif and the easy steps to achieve it are really appealing.

  • best ipad video conv

    Just wanna say thank you for the information that you have been shared on this site. Simple but very informative. Hoping that you could give more other information about this.!

  • A.

    Thank you for the easy-to-use software!

  • Ana

    Thanks very much!

  • lizzzzzzz

    where’s the download link?

  • lizzzzzzz

    oh.. nevermind.

  • aNimecuRtzy2

    thank you so much…..

  • Amy

    I downloaded it and tryed to make a gif, it worked, but then there’s thing black spot for like 5 seconds after the real gif? :S

  • Alinasaurr

    doesn’t work, every time i try to export as gif it starts loading and then an error message appears and the program closes. every. single. time.

  • Bloody brilliant! Thanks for this 🙂

  • Derp

    Works wonders! I love this. It’s so much easier and good use for people who don’t have photoshop 😀

  • YAY!!!

    GREAT!!! THIS is what i was looking for!!!   =) thanks a lot!!

  • lovely stuff..and its free

  • Fran

    My file is .avi but everytime i try to open it, it says that the format is not supported… Help?