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How To Create 3D Models, Animations, Or Movies For Free With Blender

Are you looking for a software through which you can create a 3D models, animations, or movies? Or are you looking for a software through which you can create a 3D game? In both cases, you can use Blender. It is a free powerful opensource tool which I just discovered today. It does a little more than what retail software does, and best of all it’s free. Seems unbelievable, right?

I thought the same thing when I tried it out today, but it surpassed beyond my expectations. Another great thing about this tool is that It’s available for all operating systems.

blender logo

It is a feature rich 3D content creation suite that can replace any expensive 3D modeling tool easily, click here to see the complete list of features. You can also create and edit professional images, below is an example of a 3D model created with Blender.

3d model made with blender

Here is an example of adding shaders to the 3D Model.

3d car modeling and shading with blender

To check out the featured gallery which contains some Art, Animations, Videos, or Models created with this tool click here.

Since it is developed in Python and is still under development, you will have to install Python in order to run this tool, this is the only drawback I have found. A billion thumbs up the the hard working developers behind this powerful tool. Try giving it a shot and let me know how you find it. Enjoy!


  1. If you want to learn 3d do yourselves a favor don’t learn Blender, just because it’s open source doesn’t make it better because of it’s price tag. In the real world no one uses Blender, Autodesk products are your only allies that or cheaper substitutes like Cinema 4d or Modo.

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