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How To Index CD/DVD Disks And External Hard Drive With BlueMirror

BlueMirror(formerly known as Octopus) is a free software for Windows which you can use to index all CDs and DVDs, making them easily searchable later. You can search all indexed data at once saving you a lot of time, especially if you have a large CD and DVD collections.

Note: The latest release comes with a new feature: ability to index external hard disk.

Just insert your CD or DVD and click Read Volume button. Select the external drive that you want to index and click OK.

select drive to index

Indexing a full structure of a CD or DVD will take only a few seconds maximum. Once you have indexed all your collections, you will find them all listed on the left sidebar with it’s content easily visible on the main window.

bluemirror main screen

What makes it a great app is the ability to add keywords to files which makes searching more easily, and also the advanced search feature which is a great way to find indexed data.

blue mirror search

Since I love apps that are both easy-to-use and portable, the only downside I found was that it lacks portability. Otherwise it is a great app to manage a very large collection of CDs and DVDs. Enjoy!

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