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How To Make Backup Of Your Registry In Windows 7 / Vista / XP

Did you ever forget to make the backup of the registry before making some changes in it, which led to system crash? Every time you need to make changes to your registry, you should make a backup as a precaution. Making a backup is very important and helps the user when he wants to restore the changes he made.

Exporting – Making a Backup

In order to backup your registry, follow  these simple steps:

In Windows 7 / Vista: Open Start menu, type regedit in Start Search and click OK.

In Windows XP: Open Start menu, click Run, type regedit and select OK.


In Registry Editor go to the File Menu and select Export.


Under the export range select All.


Put an appropriate file name and save as file type Registration Files(*.reg).


Importing – Restoring the Registry

In Registry Editor go to the File Menu and select Import.

registry import

Now select the registry file(backup) that you made(using above procedure) and it will recover your settings that were before you made changes in the registry.

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  1. sir i have used the trial period so now how can i know that what changes are made plz reply me @ nihaldubey1@gmail.com

  2. i think one more backup create as a temp base and add both backup one place anfd use it, but original reg dont touch after both expire import it

  3. Hello u r Tip regarding the “Back up of Registry an Again Storing it when the software gets Expired is Good”, I have Query i.e “We keep a Back up to our registry and store it, and we install the trail version then when the trail version get expired then again resore the Back Up, but my dought is, If i have two softwares say first s/w and second s/w, so before installing the first s/w i make the back up and save and then i install first s/w and after few days i install the second software…then again after few days my first software gets expired and i import my Back up. But this back up doesnt contain the detilas of second software….this will cause a error in second software…..

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