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How To Move And Reorder Taskbar Tabs In Windows XP/Vista

If you are one of those users who tested Windows 7 beta, you will know that one of the most handy feature is that we can reorganize the tabs in the taskbar. Sadly this important feature(that increases productivity) lacks in older version of Windows, i.e XP, Server 2003/2008, and Vista.

Taskix is a free tool that adds the ability to move and reorder the taskbar tabs easily. Simply drag the tab that you want to move and it will reorganize itself. It is a robust program that has a very small memory footprint. And yes, it supports multiple monitors too.


moving taskbar tabs before


moving taskbar tabs after

Run the program and you will see all options listed in a single window. By default only one feature is enabled, i.e dragging tabs to reorganize them. You can enable other features as well, such as, Scroll and reorganize tabs with mouse wheel, Maximize or close the tabs with middle mouse button, Enable support for multiple monitors, Auto-start in Windows, etc.

taskix main

It is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. It is small, simple, and very effective. Enjoy!

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  • Guillaume

    Yeah great tool! The new features in the beta are brilliant. If you have suggestions or found bugs, do try to contact the author, he’s really quick in his responses.

  • MsHeaven

    This works great very simple just what I needed thank you

  • Pon

    Wow.. Thank you!! it just want a lot of people looking for. This will help me with my team at work. Thank you once again.

  • Gary

    Ahhh, a perfect and small solution to a major shortcoming of XP. Thanks for working this out.

  • Never thought about moving tabs before but it’s quite an interesting idea to try.

  • SD

    Great! This is exactly what I've been looking for. Thanks!

  • RRS

    Microsoft should have included this feature to move and reorder taskbar tabs in Windows 95, the first version to have the taskbar.

  • Trob

    OMFG!!! I’ve been wanting this capability for 15 years!! I gave up hope of ever having it until I got pissed off today about taskbar icon locations and Googled it. This program ROCKS!!! I just now reordered everything the way I like it. Best.App.Ever.

  • AM

    i can’t thank you enough! 🙂

  • how do i get rid of the icon at right lower corner of the screen would like some help
    thank you steve

  • how do i remove the icon in the lower right corner it is in the way help !!! thank you steve

  • Awesome

    You saved me alot of time . Cheers

  • bdimag

    oh thank god… now i can stay with XP FOREVER

  • m373777171

    Does it work in Windows 8?

  • Pushparaj Kandasamy

    superb tool….

  • RonBurgundy

    Perfect. Does what it says it does. Quick install. Small size. No complaints whatsoever.
    Why can’t all programs be like this?