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How To Run Multiple Tasks In Windows At Any Date/Time

Sometimes we need to tell our computer what to do while we are away. Since this feature is not build inside Windows, there are many 3rd party tools that can perform such job. Once such tool recently grabbed my attention, apart from opening program it can also shutdown/restart your computer, take screenshots, and perform other tasks at any give date/time.

Ka Firetask is a free task scheduler for Windows, that can perform multiple tasks at any scheduled date or time. Apart from performing the above mentioned tasks, it can also run so called DNM Scripts. The tasks can be triggered via both hotkey, or a regular schedule.

To create a simple new task, go to Tasks tab and click New Task. Now enter the title of the task, select when the task should be executed and finally select the task action. When you have selected ‘Open File’ action, in the File dialog box type the destination of that file.

task editing

Below is an example of multiple tasks being carried out using this tool.

list of scheduled tasks

You can create a more sophisticated job with build-in script editor(plus help documentation). It can also be used over a network, which is really helpful to administrators. Enjoy!


  1. Wrong.. windows does have a task scheduler. Under NT it was called AT and has been replaced by “schtasks”. You can also view scheduled taks from the Control Panel under “Scheduled Tasks”

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