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How To Share Files And Create VPN(Virtual Private Network) Between Two Computers Easily

If you are looking for a free and easy way to create a VPN(Virtual Private Network) connection to another computer, share files, remote control or share screens between computers? Gbridge helps you to manage your multiple PCs, and collaborate works with close friends. In addition, you will be able to use it when you want to privately exchange large media files with your friends. Gbridge is a free tool which you can use to sync folders, share files, control another computer, share your desktop, or chat. It connects two computers directly and securely.

After downloading Gbridge’s Windows client, installing is relatively straightforward. Once you are done with the installation, you’ll be asked for your Gmail/Google account information, and to give a host name in the login screen as below.


When everything’s set up, you’re ready to go, but you might want to set up Gbridge on any other computers you own to create a virtual network amongst your PC’s. You can install and auto-start Gbridge on multiple computers, using the same Gmail logon, and it will keep all those computers connected and ready to trade or stream files.


Gbridge Client Window will look like this. The easiest way to use Gbridge is to create SecureShares Hit the big button for SecureShares at the top on the Gbridge client that’s doing the sharing, choose a folder, and choose the people who can access it and set a password by clicking on Create SecureShare as show below.


From here you would choose the people who can access it and set a password.


So if your friends want to quickly connect to your computer, just ask them to install the Gbridge client software and you can now send large files, instantly play MP3’s off each other’s computer, share your desktops, and even create photo slideshows from your folders and let others watch. Those files are shared through a browser link (as show below) that only works for Gbridge-connected systems.


Gbridge try multiple ways to connect, based on what works and which method is giving the highest performance. As a last resort, it can use GTalk to create a connection on top of the service. Overall, it’s a great program with a lot of features and no restrictions! You can share very large files without a problem, share your desktop, and stream music and video to your computer from another.


  1. i have used this one , but the problem is that it is one way sync, i have ms access file and i want to share it with others so they can use it simultaneously. any boody can help me how to do that!!

  2. great manually, a++ for you for that..
    i also checked out http://www.uitips.com/tips/how-to-setup-and-use-a-clientserver-vpn-on-windows
    which seems to be pretty cool

  3. Meh, linux is awesome if you have your computer science degree, but I have all these clowns I have to deal with who think they have to restart their computer to send a new email. I’ll have to stick with Microsoft till the rapture comes.

  4. Can anybody tell me if can run both internet and vpn on a same machine.i.e. i want to setup a vpn between my two offices both having DSL connections meanwhile i also want to run internet on my both sites.
    I will be thankful if anybody can help me

    Ahmed Zeeshan
    Assistant Manager PLanning and Dev,NOC

  5. As a IT Admin of like 10 yrs I just have to tell Jay one thing, “LINUX is like a tool and just other tools they have a place in the tool box, That does not mean a Hummer will fix a car” in this world linux is great but windows is great too… Now Jay go get a job and maybe you could afford some more tool for your tool box (cus we all know that Linux is Free)

  6. What an absolutely wonderful piece of software. I really hope they do provide a linux version of it. I have been fighting for two weeks to get a VPN running through my UTM firewalls with double NAT. After all of that, I discover this article and it does everything that I was setting the VPN up to do, share documents, videos and pictures securely. This also has an autosync software with it for backups apparently. Now, the type of encryption that is utilized may be a question.

    Short of this only running on Windows and not a Linux based environment, this software is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for the post. The only reason I mention Linux is because we have our data center which runs on Linux and that is where we have our 16TB of space available for backups. If this ran on Linux and I could port it over to the data center, that would be absolutely wonderful. Until then I will have to set up a dedicated Windows machine that is on the network and people can connect into that to get to their share folders.

    Thank you very much for the post.

    Wayne Leiser, CTO
    Spectacular Computer Repair

    Mon – Thu 11am – 7pm EST
    Fri – Sat 11am – 3pm EST

  7. I found that this program is unique, especially in the technology point of view. Usually it is very difficult to set up VPN across multiple NAT, which is major headache for P2P or messenger program. Fortunately, google talk's libjingle walk around this problem using several well known techniques, and it works about 90% of time, as they argue. I was looking for a VPN solution on top of google talk's libjingle, and Gbridge is the solution to the quest. Very Very Very interesting solution. With Gbridge, you don't need to buy PCanywhere, or other web-based services.Unfortunately, what I was looking for was Linux based solution, which is not present at this time. Only Windows program. Too bad.

  8. Well, i discovered a software from logmein.com called HAMACHI….this is a VPN for file sharing. try it.. this will b a better tool…wel i found it really helpful and interesting.

  9. stupid question.. noob me if you like… but do both computers need to be on for this to work, active sharing? because i want to access my home computer in another country and was going to set this up on both so i can do it – but cannot have my home computer on all the time. anyone?

    • Can you use some incarnation of on-LAN-wakeup?

      Basically, you can shutdown your desktop machine apart from (part of) the LAN card, which listens for a special boot up signal (sent by you from the other side of the world) and then the computer will boot up waiting for you to remote login or whatever.

  10. Wow, some people just say things for a rouse. The rest of the world has moved on to Linux?? Seriously?? I’m saying this as an avid Ubuntu user and a software engineer. That is a ridiculous statement. Windows still has a market share of *around* 90%; that’s a lot! I love using Linux and things have been going great for them, but Windows will be around for a long time and it has many positives.

    • +

      Totally agree. I have been using Ubuntu since 6.04 Dapper. I am IT support, and we support XP. you are indeed correct about M$ holding 90% of the market.. Linux isn’t there to be a rebellion against M$. It’s there for those who want a change. I try to only use Ubuntu at home if possible. Some things, though, require IE (stupid activeX).. I got WINE working ok, but IEs4Linux isn’t doing what I need it to do, which is successfully get Flash and Shockwave on my Ubuntubox…

  11. It does support vista (I have installed it and it works for me.)
    For John, it works across Internet (broadband connection is good since you need good network speed for remote desktop sharing).
    When installing gbridge, you just use your gmail username/password to login (You can use your same gmail userid across multiple machines, and you just need a different machine ID to differentiate them.)

  12. dude… couple of questions…

    1) when setting up Gbridge, how does one determine what to insert for a host?

    2) can this be used over a broadband internet connection?

    • IT does. Just tried it. Thanks for the post was useful. Since it even work through fire-walled DSL routers

  13. @jay: windows may be bloated and slow in some ways, but it is still a good operating system none the less for most users, which is why it is still used alot more than linux. Since not all people are computer savy, even a user friendly linux distro like Ubuntu might be a little confusing to use for. Thats why the “real world” as you put it, still uses windows, and has not in fact moved to windows. I use linux, and i think its great,but its not for everyone.

    anyways:Good article, this software seems very useful, i might try it out eventually

  14. It allow Remote Desktop Sharing….but dose not support LAN Games…but there are others software available for this purpose

  15. Is it possible via this piece of software to play games over this virtual LAN?
    Or is it just for file sharing ?

    Greets from Serbia!

  16. I’m going to try this tool out, could be very useful for me.
    And Jay, not everyone in the real world uses linux, I bet you’re a recent convert aren’t you?

  17. I used to use synctoy to backup my photos. This tool works much faster than synctoy as well as allowing me to sync files from office machine to home machine. (Synctoy does not work there, it only work between home machines in the LAN, not across Internet).

  18. haha oh wow, tips for using windows… i think my grandmother still uses windows
    everyone in the real world has moved to linux

    • I second Danny’s comment… The inappropriate and unprovoked comment you made Jay tells me a couple of things about you.

      1) Not that I’m old (30), but I really cannot see anyone over the age of 16 (maybe 21 if you were raised in a fatherless home) making such an attack on someone else, without provocation, who is doing nothing more than trying to help us by providing a DIY for us to follow to setup a VPN.

      2) Like Danny said, you obviously need to stop playing World of Warcraft, and go interact with actual humans that do not think in 0s and 1s… There is no big Linux movement going on right now; if anything, people are moving over to the Mac-side.

      3) I hate to be the one that tells you this Jay, as you are probably unaware of it, but you are a poser… I am so tired of hearing you negative / bandwagon types rant about how bad Microsoft sucks. All it is, is a bunch of uneducated posers that cannot get attention, so they bash on a perfectly good product just because they hear some other id-10-t talking smack about a subject they know nothing about and are probably too lazy to do the testing and research required to make such a blanket statement.

      Jay, I think there is still hope for you though, and all I think you need to do is put down the PlayStation controller, turn off the propaganda radio stations (blind followers of the ObomaNation), stop mooching off of your grandma, get a job, go to college, do actual research, get a better job, and then finally come back and make an educated comment about the actual topic at hand… Maybe then you will get someone of any consequence to listen to you 🙂

      Sorry for being rude; I’m just tired of all the Microsoft bashing, Bush bashing, America bashing… I’m well aware that we are moving back into a time of mob-rule, and it is a shame that the average IQ in our country is only around 103, because it is the folks hovering a little under the average 103 mark that are leading the angry mob… At least if the average IQ were lower, then the id-10-ts would simply follow the smart people around, and if it were higher, then, well then we wouldn’t have to waste our time reading posts that say things like “everyone in the real world has moved to Linux”!!!

      Sorry, I couldn’t resist

    • Do you wear gloves? It’s been a while since I’ve seen a knuckle-dragger troll technology blogs.

      Anywho.. Jay is indeed misinformed, and it shows in his comment, as it does in your reply. But to simple bring politics into the equation is just silly, and again, shows your ignorance.

      May I suggest closing your Internet Explorer 6 browser, shutting down mommy’s computer and get outside. Christ kid, you may even catch a tan and score some chicks. But my advice is to lose the political talk… it just makes you look dumber than you really are.

      Ok, now on to some substance… very nice article, and I love the use of google as storage and transfer… I wonder if this will migrate to a p2p type application. I like to see RIAA come down on Google… anyway… good article..

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