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How To Share Files And Create VPN(Virtual Private Network) Between Two Computers Easily

If you are looking for a free and easy way to create a VPN(Virtual Private Network) connection to another computer, share files, remote control or share screens between computers? Gbridge helps you to manage your multiple PCs, and collaborate works with close friends. In addition, you will be able to use it when you want to privately exchange large media files with your friends. Gbridge is a free tool which you can use to sync folders, share files, control another computer, share your desktop, or chat. It connects two computers directly and securely.

After downloading Gbridge’s Windows client, installing is relatively straightforward. Once you are done with the installation, you’ll be asked for your Gmail/Google account information, and to give a host name in the login screen as below.


When everything’s set up, you’re ready to go, but you might want to set up Gbridge on any other computers you own to create a virtual network amongst your PC’s. You can install and auto-start Gbridge on multiple computers, using the same Gmail logon, and it will keep all those computers connected and ready to trade or stream files.


Gbridge Client Window will look like this. The easiest way to use Gbridge is to create SecureShares Hit the big button for SecureShares at the top on the Gbridge client that’s doing the sharing, choose a folder, and choose the people who can access it and set a password by clicking on Create SecureShare as show below.


From here you would choose the people who can access it and set a password.


So if your friends want to quickly connect to your computer, just ask them to install the Gbridge client software and you can now send large files, instantly play MP3’s off each other’s computer, share your desktops, and even create photo slideshows from your folders and let others watch. Those files are shared through a browser link (as show below) that only works for Gbridge-connected systems.


Gbridge try multiple ways to connect, based on what works and which method is giving the highest performance. As a last resort, it can use GTalk to create a connection on top of the service. Overall, it’s a great program with a lot of features and no restrictions! You can share very large files without a problem, share your desktop, and stream music and video to your computer from another.

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