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How To Change your Drive Icon And Folder Image Easily

Changing Drive icon

Have you gotten bored of you default Drive icons in Windows yet? Well, here’s an easy method to change the icon of your Drive to the one you like in short easy steps. You’ll need a new icon file for your drive for this method to work, so chose get an icon before starting this tutorial. This method is applicable on Windows XP and Vista.

Go to the root folder of your drive. For example C:\.

Now chose an icon, and rename it to Drive.ico. Place it in that root folder.image

Create a file Autorun.inf (This can be done by making a notepad and then renaming it to Autorun.inf) and edit it with the same lines as shown in the image below.


Now all you have to do is to restart your computer, and you’ll notice that your icon has been changed to the one you placed in the drive. This trick can be used to change the icons of all drive partitions that you have in Windows.


Changing the Folder Image

In Windows, there is an easy way to change the Icon of your folder. You can just simply right click on the folder and then navigate to Properties > Customize and change it to whatever you like. But what if you do not want to change the Icon, but the Image that is shown in the folder? In Windows XP and Vista, an image is shown for picture and music folders. Using this trick you can use album art as folder images for you music albums or your favorite image can be used for your picture albums folder for easy recognition at a glance. This trick can also be used for document or other folders.

First, chose any folder you want to change the image of.

image After that, get an image that you want to use as the folder image. Place it in the folder, and rename it to ‘Folder’, without the quotes. Go back one directory and Voila!


You can change the folder image’s attributes to hidden, so that it doesn’t show up in among other files in that folder. Also note that the image can be of any size, and it’ll show in place of the Album Art of your music album folder in Vista. If you want the default image or a selection of images as shown below, back, just delete the ‘Folder’ image file, or rename it to something else.



  1. Why don’t you guys just use Folder Marker? As for me it’s the most capable and practice thing I’ve ever met in this sphere.

  2. This is a helpful. Thanks.

    The steps may require sometime to remember though. Another way is to use this “folderchanger”.
    It changes folder or drive icon just by dragging which means it only requires one step. Besides, it even allows me to use my photo as the icon looks.

    it can be found by googling for “folderchanger”, or the link should be at folderchanger.com

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