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How To Restore The Run Command In Windows Vista Or Windows XP

When I first started using Vista I felt that Microsoft had done a great thing putting the Search bar instead of usual start menu in Windows Vista but it became one of my major hang-ups, they made it so that we could launch our favorite programs with just one click instead of two. I was quickly disappointed to find that when you type a word into the search bar it is nothing like the old Start > Run command bar window. It starts searching for the words you type in, and many times you need to wait…and wait…and wait some more.

Restoring the Run command in Windows Vista or Windows XP is almost the same process.

Method 1: Shortcut

First of all you can simply hold the windows key + R to bring up the command line window. This method is the easiest and works in both Windows Vista and Windows XP.




Method 2: Start Menu Option

For this method, right-click on  the Taskbar, and choose Properties, now select the Start Menu tab

Customize Vista Task bar

With Start menu checkbox selected, click the Customize button, Scroll down until you see the option named Run command, Enable the Run command checkbox


Click OK and then again OK to close the dialogs. Now the Run command will be added as an extra button to the bottom of the start menu.

Vista Start Menu With Run Command

Run command is one thing I cannot live without, if that’s the same case with you, then try this method to bring it back.

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