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How To Create Infinite Lava In Minecraft

If you’re looking to create an infinite lava source in Minecraft, you’ve come to the right place. Lava and Water are two unique types of blocks in Minecraft. They can flow over multiple blocks but are essentially one block. As such, to collect water or lava, you can only collect one source block in a bucket. We’ll go over how to use infinite lava, how infinite lava sources are made, and how to farm supplies.

Get Infinite lava in Minecraft

Remember, here is your list of required materials to make your infinite lava farm:

  • Pointed dripstone that is only one block high
  • Smooth blackstone
  • One bucket of lava
  • Six cobblestone blocks
  • An iron cauldron

Now that you have everything, you can create your infinite source of lava.

  1. Stack two cobblestones on top of each other.
  2. Place one smooth blackstone on top of the stacked cobblestone.
  3. Remove the two cobblestone blocks under it.
  4. Place the pointed dripstone under the smooth blackstone.
  5. Place the cauldron under the dripstone.
  6. Add one cobblestone to the top of the smooth blackstone.
  7. Surround this one block with more cobblestone and then remove the one in the center.
  8. In this center block, pour one lave bucket of lava.
  9. Watch the dripstone and it will start dripping lava into the cauldron.
  10. Wait for the cauldron to fill with lava and then collect it with a bucket.

Lava drip in Minecraft

How to Use (Infinite) Lava

Now that you know how to make an infinite lava farm, what do you do with all that lava? Here are the most common uses for it:

  • Fuel for your smoker or furnace. A lava bucket is the longest lasting source of fuel in the game.
  • A bucket of lava is capable of smelting 100 blocks.
  • If you combine water with lava you can create cobblestone, which can be used for crafting and building.
  • Water that flows over lava is a way of creating obsidian, which is also used for crafting and building but it has the added benefit of being able to create Nether portals and enchanting tables. It’s easy to farm supplies for such if you already have a steady source of lava.
  • Another use for lava is during PvP (player versus player), where you can use a bucket of lava as a weapon. Encountering lava without armor can be extremely damaging.
  • Creating traps to protect your base. Lava traps are fun and limited only by your imagination.
  • You can trade a bucket of lava for emeralds if you find an armorer.
  • Lava can be used for terraforming. For instance, you can build a pillar, drop a bucket of lava on top, let it flow down the pillar, and then use a bucket of water to put it out. This allows you to create structures with layers of lava and water.
  • You can use it to destroy unwanted items by throwing them into the lava
  • You can be creative and build structures out of it. One way to do this is to build out of flame proof blocks, like glass, and then pour out buckets of lava on top so that it runs down your structure.

Another way to get lava quickly

If you decide you don’t want to go through all the trouble of setting up your lava farm, you can simply create a Nether portal to a large lava source and go back and forth, bringing the lava back to your base. It’s a bit of work, but if you don’t need a ton of lava and just want to keep things simple, it’s a handy way to access the resource.

Minecraft: Lava as a Resource

Lava is a fluid that causes fire damage and emits light, both handy in Minecraft. You usually find it in the Nether or the lower reaches of the Overworld. It’s handy as a resource in that you can use it to smelt items, to give off light, or to damage mobs (mobile entities) that may come into contact with it. Keep in mind, this dangerous substance can damage you too, so be careful around it. It can kill you rather quickly. The deeper into lava you go, as a player, the more damage you take from it. Often, lava will form lava pools underground, though in the Nether it can flow like water.

Infinite lava Guide

Minecraft lava

There is a hack that allows you to make water an infinite, and renewable resource. It used to work for lava as well but the nature of the block was changed. Lava is no longer a renewable resource. That said, given the new blocks that have been introduced in the recent Minecraft updates, there are ways to get infinite lava in Minecraft.

Before we get into the step by step instructions, here is more on what you’ll need to make an infinite lava farm. The required materials include:

Pointed Dripstone: Pointed dripstone occurs naturally in the overworld. You can find it in caves. It can be collected with any type of pickaxe. It is fairly easy to find.

Polished blackstone: Blackstone is a block that is similar to types of cobblestone. You’ll find it in the Nether, underground, and beneath the surface of a lava sea. In order to smooth it you’ll need to polish it, which gives it slightly better hardness. You can collect it with any type of pickaxe. Once you have blackstone, you can put four blocks in a 2×2 formation in the crafting table and get 4 polished blackstone.

Bucket of lava: You’ll need to collect a lava buckets, which you can source from the Nether or the lower areas of the Overworld.

Cobblestone blocks: Cobblestone is obtained through mining, often with a pickaxe. It’s a common material used for building or crafting. It naturally occurs in a large variety of places, such as strongholds, trail ruins, and even monster rooms, to name a few. Note, cobblestone blocks are the material we selected for this lava farm. In reality, any fireproof blocks will work, such as glass.

Iron cauldron: You can craft your iron cauldron using iron ingots and your crafting table. It can be crafted using 7 iron ingots. Place them in a U shape in the crafting table and collect the cauldron. If you don’t have iron ingots you can use a furnace to smelt iron ore into the ingots you need. You can use your finished cauldron to brew potions, collect rainwater, wash dyes off of your armor, and, of course, for lava based purposes…



Creating a lava farm is satisfying, but slow work. It’s nothing like the infinite water method that gives you infinite water instantly. If you need a lot of lava, you can set up multiple lava collectors like this. Try this out in Creative first where you can increase the tick speed to get lava faster.

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