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Look Up The Definition For A Word In Cortana In Windows 10

Personal assistants are fast becoming a defining feature of operating systems. For smartphones and the operating systems that they run, it’s always a question of what a personal digital assistant can accomplish and whether or not it’s actually useful or just a gimmick. Siri is one noteworthy example of a popular digital assistant that can do one or two useful tricks but is limited in the information she proactively provides and the actions she can perform. Google Now fares better with always available traffic, weather, and sports updates. Then we have Cortana; it’s not just a digital assistant for Windows Phone; it’s debuted for Android and even before that it became a part of the desktop with Windows 10. Cortana can do a lot of really useful things one of which is defining a word for you. Here’s how.

Open Cortana and say, ‘What does [insert word] mean?’

Give it a second and it will look up the meaning of the word in Bing and display it in the search window.


If you’re curious as to what else you can ask Cortana, try some math problems or try asking it a few general knowledge questions.

cortana-capital cortana-maths

You can type in the question you have, or the word you want defined but Cortana will respond just as well if you say Hey Cortana (must be enabled) and ask it via voice command to define a word or solve a basic maths problem. The point is, even though Cortana isn’t as witty as Siri, it’s defnitly useful. You can even use it to launch an app. For example, click the microphone button (or say Hey, Cortana) and say, Open Paint top open the Paint app.

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