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Make Your Text Look Neat By Using Strokes In Photoshop [Tutorial]

It is always a plus to make your text look clear and sharp when creating buttons or tags for your website or banners. One can always add blending effects like drop shadow, inner shadow, glow, color overlay and gradient overlay. Stroke blending option is a neat layer style available in Photoshop.

To begin, create a new document with width of 300 and height of 250 pixels.


Fill the background with a Gradient of blue and gray using the gradient tool.


Now create a text layer using Arial font, (or any font you would like to use), put the font size to 150pt and type ‘text’ in it.


Open the layer blending options by simply double-clicking on the text layer in the layers panel.


Check the stroke style, adjust the structure size to 1px, blend mode normal, and leave the color to black.


After hitting Okay, your text should look like this.

We can add a border to the background to make it look more appealing.


Some more examples with different background but using the same stroke options.


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