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Manage Windows 7 Power Options From System Tray With Power Scheme Switcher

Power Scheme Switcher allows quick management of the power scheme options of Windows 7 from the system tray. It is similar to previously reviewed Power Plan Assistant, but provides more than verbose power management options.

With the help of this application, users can quickly change the power plan from the system tray within a simplified user interface. Other than configuring verbose options, such as, allowing the computer to run in Power Saver, High Performance and Balanced mode, it can also be configured to automatically switch to a customized power plan.


Customized power management configuration can be particularly useful for laptops by managing the amount of power they consume when plugged in, when functioning on batteries and after they have consumed a certain level of battery power. Although Windows 7 does provide these power management options, however, with the help of this application such management can be quickly and efficiently done via the system tray. This freeware was tested on Windows 7 64-bit OS.

Download Power Scheme Switcher


  1. HI
    I’m the author of this imple app.
    I desiged this app to fit my need and as soon as I got to the result I soped devolping becouse.
    I saw that many people downlaod an tryed it. Much more than would expect.
    As Hieu said,the code is stable, the real reason i left the project in apha state was because I planned to add more featres and also because i tested only on my box.
    But so far may user tested it and so I might spend some time to coplete it and stabilze it to RTM 😉

    Hope you likes it 😉

  2. Been looking for something like this for the desktop, thanks a ton!

    And though it’s in an alpha state, seems to be simple enough a program that it’s pretty stable and can get the job done without screwing up too many things [or anything at all!] 😀

  3. I started to post: “Well, here we go again, putting in the headline that it’s just for Win7 when it’ll run on Vista and/or XP, too.”

    But then I went to the program’s page and I see that it has only been tested on Win7…

    …even though I’ll bet it’ll work on Vista, too. The power management features of both Vista and Win7 are essentially the same.

    Anyway, I emailed the software’s author regarding his beliefs about Vista suitability…

    …but then I noticed something on his page which is a bit more disconcerting, and that’s this his Power Scheme Switcher program is still in alpha. Boy, I dunno…. recommending alpha software around here could really cause some problems, I think. Just my opinion. I know other sites which do essentially what this site does (though I’ll admit, few of them do it as well) which have, as a matter of policy, decided never to recommend (or even call attention to) alpha software. They’ve found that when it doesn’t work right (because it’s still just too buggy), their readers end-up getting ticked-off at them for having recommended it. The other option might be — and I’m just making a suggestion, here — to clearly tag the story about the software with some kind of disclaimer about it being alpha, and briefly what that means, and so the software may be buggy or unreliable, or may even cause problems on the machine in the form of lockups, conflicts, crashes, etc.

    Anyway, don’t get me wrong… it seems like a nice program… indeed seems better (or at least more feature-rich) than Power Plan Assistant. Sure wish it were at LEAST in beta, and tested on Vista, too.

    Still, nice article. Keep up the good work!

    Gregg L. DesElms
    Napa, California USA
    gregg at greggdeselms dot com

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