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Monitor Live Change In Windows Registry Key

Registry Live Watch is a small utility that keeps watch on any registry key you define. You can minimize it to the system tray and it would immediately notify when a change is made to the key.

To begin, first select the root key and then enter the exact key name. You can choose to either watch for all changes, changes to the keys, values, or security only. Further you can choose the event action – Do nothing(just write to log), show a pop up notification, or execute a program. For the latter, there is an option to select the program that you wan to execute.

Once ready, hit the Start Monitor button. Clicking the Tray button will minimize it to the system tray.

Registry Live Watch

You can either save the log or clear it if you want to check for changes in some other key.

Overall, Registry Live Watch is one complete app that will greatly help the advanced users, system administrators, and programmers.

Download Registry Live Watch

It is a portable tool and works on all versions of Windows, including both Windows Server 2003/2008 and Windows 7. Enjoy!

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