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Hide Outlook 2010 In Windows 7 Taskbar System Tray

Many users prefer using Outlook at all times and running it from the system tray makes sense. Before Outlook 2010, users required Hide Outlook, a small utility that could hide the Outlook 2003/2007 window to the system tray. Not only could it hide, but users could also control a small aspect of Outlook.

You can use this app in Outlook 2010 as well but you don’t actually need it. This is because Microsoft has now introduced a system tray icon in Outlook 2010, it is a small yet huge improvement.

When you start Outlook 2010, you will see a small system tray icon. Right-click it and select “Hide When Minimized” option from the context menu.

outlook 2010 system tray context menu

Now the next time you minimize your Outlook 2010 window, it will be minimized to the system tray rather than taskbar.

Microsoft Outlook 2010 system tray

The icon will be updated from time to time, for example the Outlook 2010 icon shown in the screenshot above tells that it is synchronizing folders.

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