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Paypal Desktop Reporting & Planning Tool [Adobe Air]

Paypal is a popular service to send and receive payments, and is widely used for transactions worldwide. Frequent users who want to keep track of regular transactions and balance updates have no way to monitor it. Thankfully, Putler saves the day.

It is a desktop adobe air application that notifies you of balance updates, shows all transactions, lets you set a target and check how well you are doing against it. It is an effective way to keep tab on your Paypal account from the desktop.

The targets, current balance, change from last check, trend, and transaction details are all shown on the main interface. Hit Settings to tweak some changes.


All in all it is one complete Paypal management app that lets you keep tab on transactions. It makes use of eye-candy stats and charts to show the complete trend.

Download Putler

It is a cross-platform app that requires Adobe Air and works on Windows, Linux, and Mac.


  1. Putler is a great tool but is a subscription only service so it stops working when your subscription ends.

    If you need a subscription-free desktop app then there is GaragePay for OS X, and TractionPay for both OS X and Windows.

  2. This tool is very useful in tracking and monitoring your e-business. Internet marketers would surely love this application also!

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